At Sandhill Dental, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Dr Shojai and Staff are terrific! Very pleasant and friendly, providing a non stressful experience!"
    Steve S Customer since 1982
  • "Very happy that I found Dr Shervin at his new beautiful practice! Great experience as always!"
    Sonia L Customer since 2015
  • "The staff is amazing--friendly and super helpful! The office is beautiful. My family has been with Dr. Shojai for over 20 years! I wish everyone great success with the new practice!"
    Laurie W Customer since 2000
  • "Very caring about my pain and took time. He was gentle, and despite doing extensive work, I had little discomfort leaving the office.

    The office staff was very professional. The environment was clean. Everyone adhered to Covid-19 protocols. It was truly a pleasant experience."
    Dr. Joseph G Customer since 1984
  • "Robert K Customer since 1995

    Dr. Shojai was very professional and at the same time very friendly and concerned about my comfort. He is a highly skilled and meticulous technician and made the experience pleasant and pain free. I had been a patient of Dr. Bogden for 25 years so I was concerned about switching to Dr. Shojai for my new crowns. I have no concerns about Dr. Shojai’s expertise. He has won my complete confidence. He also worked efficiently with his excellent Dental Assistant. The office staff is also first class and quite helpful. I am happy to know that Dr. Shojai has taken over after Dr. Bogden retired. I highly recommend Dr. Shojai to all in need of a great dentist."
    Robert K Customer since 1995
  • "Great staff and facility. Highly recommend!!"
    Sean Hutchinson
  • "I was WAY overdue for my teeth cleaning since COVID-19. Lynn Ozimek just made my mouth happy with an excellent cleaning and I got a great exam (yay, no cavities!) from Dr Shervin Shojai. Sand Hill Dental rocks"
    Christina H.
  • "I am so happy to be a part of Shervins beautiful new practice here in Flemington.
    Look forward to growing this practice with both new and old friends!"
    Laura E.
  • "I’m so happy I found Dr. Shojai. I have used him for 20 years when he was at NHDA and I found him 9 miles away in Flemington at a gorgeous clean new office!!"
    Budding Roses Photography

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